ien Dong Oil & Gas Technical Services Corporation has grown steadily over the past 10 years (occupying 50% of the market share of drilling rigs) to become the leading drilling rig provider in the country. It provides 80% of the labor demand for Vietnam’s drilling specialty market, drilling services are deployed and expanded. This provides diverse and continuous career opportunities for candidates interested in joining and developing careers at Bien Dong Petroleum Technical Services Corporation.


East Sea Petroleum Technical Services Corporation


East Sea Petroleum Technical Services Corporation

We are always aiming for a competitive compensation policy based on the value that the team of Bien Dong Petroleum Technical Services Corporation creates harmony with the interests of investors and the regulations of the house. Vietnam. This policy demonstrates the respect of the South China Sea to the career, life, and family of each employee, ensuring that employees can concentrate on developing their careers in the South China Sea to further create and share. share new values.

Officials of the South China Sea will receive the following benefits and benefits:

– Salary Title;
– Salary performance;
– Monthly salary;
– Allowances for specific job positions;
– The salary increase considerations associated with the performance and efficiency of the South China Sea.

– Bonus days and special events of the South China Sea;
– Periodic and extraordinary rewards for individuals or collectives;
– To reward technical innovations and raise the efficiency of business operations.

– Social Insurance, Health Care, Unemployment Insurance according to state regulations;
– High-quality health insurance for staff: internal/external health care, dental care, maternity;
– 24/24 accident insurance.

Other benefits:
– Subsidizing special events of staffs;
– Retirement benefits for senior staff in the South China Sea;
– Lunch allowance;
– Cost subsidies;
– Providing transportation allowance for annual leave;
– The annual domestic and foreign tourist program;
– Periodical health examination at quality and prestige health centers;
– Cultural, entertainment and sports activities for staffs;
– Programs to care for staffs’ children: family day, support for training and rewarding employees with good academic achievements.

Providing continuous and diverse learning opportunities aimed at developing employees on a career scale commensurate with the potential of each person is how the Petroleum Technical Services Corporation draws, utilizes and to keep up the talent while meeting the needs of new production and business activities more and more challenges:

– Developing standards and roadmap for capacity development at various levels to serve as a basis for establishing annual training programs, long-term training, training at home and abroad;

– The training courses professional skills, professional knowledge, professional training, management training … are held continuously with the program designed to meet the practical requirements of the Technical Services Corporation East Sea Oil and the ability of the participants;

– The South China Sea Trainers system has been developed in harmony with the internal instructors’ staff, providing the specific knowledge and practical experience of the South China Sea to the collaborative faculty of the South China Sea. Be careful because the teaching experience has been highly appreciated or introduced by reputable organizations to ensure that the staff of Bien Dong can acquire the most modern knowledge and skills.

– Activities of Bien Dong – a member unit of the South China Sea – In the past few years, the infrastructure of the oil and gas sector has been strengthened, training standards have been standardized. international, trainer system … to provide training and training services for Bien Dong and corporations in Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group. Training activities have become one of the professional activities of the South China Sea.

Opportunity to develop a career in a large scale enterprise in an important industry of Vietnam.
– Professional working environment, applying advanced technology and modern equipment.
– Policy to respect and adhere to health, safety and environmental standards: Business activities associated with health care, through the application of safety measures and efforts to protect the environment, Comply with the laws and regulations of Vietnam and International.


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