Answer: The reason for having to install an oil pipeline under the seaboard is to transport oil from one place to another, only piping is installed under the seabed. Because non-oil producing countries still have to buy oil from oil-producing countries. If the distance of transportation is not too far, they can use the system of pipelines under the sea to transport, direct oil to the oil shortage. But if the distance between the two countries is too far, it is mandatory to use large tankers for transport. Even water can be stored in large oil reservoirs on the seabed, waiting for the oil tanker to take off.

The large oil pipelines on the seafloor are extremely sturdy, the amount of oil stored inside is not very large when needed can be removed at any time, and can also use the barge bottom for transport. However, the oil pipes must be buried under the seabed to avoid damage to fishing nets.